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NW Parrot Rescue is run entirely by volunteers and support from the community. Here are ways you can help.

Parrots for Patriots is our adoption program which matches veterans with companion parrots.

All of our parrot toys are 100% non-toxic and constructed with heavy duty materials for a longer life span.  All of our toys have been constructed and assembled by veterans.

Here are many of the recipes prepared for the Parrots at NW Parrot Rescue. Step by step instructions for meal preparation. All healthy meal options (people can eat them too).

Crucial things to know before adopting a parrot. Acclimation process, do’s and don’ts of parrot ownership, safe and dangerous woods, safe foods, toxic foods, toxic plants, symptoms of a sick parrot.

NW Parrot Rescue in the news – watch videos of us in action. Learn what it is like to run a Parrot Rescue.

At NWPR we want to make sure that you adopt the best parrot available that fits your needs.

Your new companion parrot chooses you. We are like a matchmaking service. That’s what’s most important! It’s really crucial that you meet your new companion parrot several times before making them your forever companion.

We’re considered a bit of a matchmaker for parrots, rather than a store selling to anyone seeking a parrot for their home.

Whatever your desires to have in a parrot, we will try to match you with the best companion parrot we have.

Even if we currently are not displaying the type of parrot you are looking to adopt, still turn in your adoption application. We might have that type of parrot you’re looking for available, but not posted yet

Please Adopt — Don’t Shop

Adopt Don't Shop

Upcoming Parrots For Patriots Toy Division

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