Mission Statement for Northwest Bird Rescue

NW Bird Rescue is a 501c (3) nonprofit which we accept in relinquished parrots that are about to be orphaned or recued. We have a knowledgeable & dedicated staff committed to improving the parrots’ quality of life. We offer behavioral enrichment and customized nutritional needs. We maintain the bird optimal health, for each parrot in our care. It is important that we educate the new families with the proper education to help them thrive in their new forever home, with a back-up guardian.

NW Bird Rescue has been rescuing parrots & wildlife  since 1999. Our Primary focus is to aid orphaned parrots in need of care, sanctuary or rehoming services.

We offer behavioral enrichment and customized nutritional needs .Optimal health of each parrot in our care is so important and will be shared to our new families to help facilitate a successful outcome.

We pride ourselves in parrot matchmaking, responsible re-homing a cultivated and stable home

N.W. Parrot Rescue’s primary activity is to provide sanctuary and care for all exotic parrots that are seeking a new home. Some parrots that are not suitable for adoption or placement are placed in foster care or will be placed in our sanctuary program.

Some individuals have specifically requested that their parrot remain in permanent sanctuary. All sanctuary parrots receive the same high level of care as the parrots available for adoption and foster care. Sanctuary parrots are housed in species-specific rooms of our main facility and have access to outdoor flights, abundant enrichment, and psychological and environmental support on a daily basis.

N.W. Parrot Rescue Facilities Provide:

  • A safe haven for parrots that prefer not to interact with humans in a companion animal situation, as well as those that need a new human companion and are available for adoption.
  • A home that provides supportive care and nurturance for parrots with chronic disease.
  • Staff dedicated to meet the needs of individual parrots.
  • At N.W. Parrot Rescue: “To Rescue” is to bring a parrot that is in an acute, life threatening situation or is in immediate need of assistance into a safe environment to be cared for by a knowledgeable and dedicated staff committed to improving the parrot’s quality of life.
  • If present quarantine is filled and an emergent situation requiring immediate assistance occurs, we have an interstate network of people and veterinarians available to us.

Our Organization Rescues:

Parrots in deplorable or acute conditions or in danger, whether found by the general public, brought to the facility, or picked up at the residence home. We assist law enforcement and animal control officers when needed. We primarily aid parrot owners who surrender their parrot because they are no longer able to provide an adequate environment for their parrot.

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