Mission Statement for Northwest Bird Rescue

Northwest Parrot Rescue (formerly Northwest Bird Rescue) We specializes in helping orphaned parrots find permanent forever homes. We also offer sanctuary and care for special needs parrots who are seeking a new home. Some special needs parrots that are not suitable for adoption or placement are placed in our sanctuary program.

We take pride in our parrot matchmaking and responsible rehoming process, ensuring that the parrots are placed in experienced and stable homes. Our services include providing a generous care package for a smooth transition into the adopted parrot’s new forever home. The care package includes the following:

A new custom parrot carrier

1 Wi-Fi Parrot Camera

1 Magic Bullet Blender for Chop

1 Large Electronic mister bottle for bathing

2 months’ supply of our special Volkmans pre-mixed seed mix

3 company-sealed bags of ingredients for an additional month

6 10oz packs of different Nutriberries treats

1 bag of Volkmann’s Fruit & Nut Feather glow

1 3 lb. bag of Zupreem Pellets

2 5oz packs of shelled mixed nuts (Higgins Boca Nuts)

3 4oz. packs of Lafeber’s Fruit pellet treats

3 educational books:

  1. Adopter’s Guide Book on the specific species of adopted parrot
  2. Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot
  3. Great Parrot Cuisine Cookbook

In addition, we offer a nurturing home that provides supportive care and the correct diet for the parrots while they are in our care, ensuring a smooth transition. We have a dedicated staff that meets the individual needs of each parrot. At Northwest Parrot Rescue, “To Rescue” means bringing a parrot in an acute, life-threatening situation, orphaned, or in immediate need of assistance into a safe environment. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff are committed to improving the quality of life for these parrots.

We rescue parrots in need of help, primarily orphaned parrots from the recent death of an owner. We also rescue parrots from deplorable or acute conditions, or those in danger, whether found by the general public, brought to our facility, or picked up from private residences. Additionally, we assist law enforcement and animal control officers when necessary. Our primary focus is aiding parrot owners who surrender their parrots because they can no longer provide an adequate environment for them.

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