We are primarily seeking Guardians or Godparents within 50 miles of Vancouver, Washington. Also all points in between Sothern Oregon and North Washington boarder.

We will consider all applications, but what is most important is that you have a minimum of 1 years experience with medium and/or large size parrots.

We prefer that our  Guardians permanently reside within 25 miles of the parrot they are designated to care for any medium or large parrot, in the event of any emergencies.

To become either a parrot Guardian


*We prefer that you are a homeowner (not mandatory). If you’re not a homeowner, we do require that you have lived at your residence for a minimum of one year.

*You must have a minimum 1 year of current medium and/or large parrot experience.

*You must have the means to afford the care of the orphaned parrot for the remainder of its life, should it become necessary.

This includes, but is not limited to veterinary care, a healthy and varied diet (fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh quality seed), and toys. If you can’t promise these necessities, please don’t apply. Caring for a parrot is a serious responsibility.

We also need all foster homes and designated survivor homes to have their own backup Godparent in the event of an emergency.

  •     We ask that you be the head of household.
  •    We must approve any dog(s) and cats that will be living in the home. We will not be able to place any bird into a home that currently houses a Dachshund or any Terrier mix unless the dog is already living with a parrot and meets with our approval.
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