Adoption Qualifications & Requirements to Adopt

Thank you for choosing to adopt a Parrot

Please READ & Review our Revised Adoption Policy & Qualifications to Adopt below;

First off:


We do not ship any parrots.

 Please be aware that we need you to be specific on the desired parrot you would like to adopt. This way we can confirm scheduling availability with the foster home before arranging a meet and greet.

Our adoption fees vary from parrot to parrot; as there are different factors that determine our adoption fees.

 The different factors are:

  • Normally ½ the cost of retail, but we include their cage and a care package.
  • The age of the parrot -temperament & tameness of the parrot.
  • The condition of the parrot’s feathering.
  • The amount of words he/she speaks- phrases- sings and dances and more.
  • If the parrot is comfortable being handled by both men and women, and other animals.
  • The condition of the current bird’s cage or if we need to replace it with a new cage.
  • If it needed any additional special veterinary care before placement

We hope that you have carefully read the information about the parrot you would like to adopt. Please confirm that the parrot you selected is compatible with your gender and level of experience with parrots.

Other factors that are often overlooked are the special logistics after a successful meet and greet, such as;

If the adopter has a vehicle big enough to carry both the parrot and a cage, large floor T perch or tree, or items and materials that come with that particular parrot.

We hope this information helps you with your selection and gives you more insight into our adoption process. We place all of our birds with a special care package designed around them for a successful transition. We look forward to receiving your application.

*Compare what others offer compared to what we have to offer you with our lower adoption fees & care package.

*Our vetrans care package is now available for everybody*

Our New standard care package includes a brand new custom parrot carrier, along with over 15 items included with every medium and large parrot adoption.

 Our medium and large parrot care packages include:

  • (1) new 2-door custom Bird Carrier with a bowl
  • (2) large containers of our specialized Volkmans Seed Mix mixed with Zupreem Pellets
  • (1) – Wi-Fi Camera with audio
  • (1) -Magic Bullet Blender
  • (1) – Rechargeable Misting bottle for showering your parrot
  • (1) – small 5 oz bags of Higgins Fruit & Nut Goodies
  • (3) – 5 oz. bags of Lafebers Tropical Fruit Pellets
  • (1) – Lafebers Foraging Fun Care package which includes; (1) Tropical Fruit Pellets, (1) Classic Nutri-Berries, (1) Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berriesand (1) Classic Avi-Cake.
  • (2 ) – 5 -oz bag of Higgins shelled Boca nuts
  • (6) – 10-oz. bags of Lafebers Nutriberries (Over a $60.00 dollar value)
  • (3) standard Educational books;
  • (1)-Owner’s manual- Book for the specific type parrot your adopting
  • (1) – Barron’s “Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot” Book
  • (1) – Great Parrot Cuisine Cookbook
  • 2 Refillable toys with 1- Refill toy pack
  • And much more…

Mandatory Meet & Greet is required before adoptions.

Our adoptable parrots must like you before placement.

You must be the head of your household to qualify for adoption.

We prefer to rehome our parrots as companion pets for one individual, not as companions for other parrots.

We prefer to rehome our parrots in home with parrot experiance, preferably in a home that currently has parrots.

We selectively place our parrots in homes with children under the age of 18, we prefer that you currently have parrots if you have children in your home.

We will not place any of our parrots in homes with potentially aggressive dogs. 

*For Medium & Small Parrots; Homeowners are preferred ,but not mandatory

*For Large Parrots; Homeownership is preferred but not mandatory to adopt Macaws and Larger Cockatoos

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