Adoption Qualifications & Requirements to Adopt

Thank you for choosing to adopt a Second Chance Parrot

Please READ & Review our Revised Adoption Policy & Qualifications to Adopt 

BEFORE – Submitting your application to Adopt.


We do not ship any parrots.

We do not sell parrots, we rehome hem in to qualified homes

Mandatory Meet & Greet is required before adoptions.

Our adoptable parrots must like you before placement.

You must be the head of your household to qualify for adoption.

We prefer to rehome our parrots as companion pets for one individual, not as companions for other parrots.

We prefer to rehome our parrots in home with parrot experiance, preferably in a home that currently has parrots.

We no longer place our parrots in homes with children under the age of 18, unless if you currently have parrots with children.

Upon approval 

Preferred adopters must be between 26 and 65 years old.

(No exceptions)

We will not place any of our parrots in homes with potentially aggressive dogs without pre-approval.

The questionable dogs that need pre-approval are:

  • Dachshund or Dachshund mix dogs
  •  Pit Bull Dogs or Pit bull dog mix
  • Any Terrier dog or Terrier mix dogs
  • Any Husky breed dog or Husky Breed mix dog
  • If you own any of these dogs listed above. We must meet & approved before placement.

*For Medium & Small Parrots; Homeowners are preferred ,but not mandatory

*For Large Parrots; Homeownership is Mandatory to adopt Macaws and Large Cockatoos

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