Adoption Policy & Adoption Requirements to Adopt

Due to the increases in fuel cost, we have temporarily reduced our area of operations in Washington State to 150 miles of Vancouver, Washington.

We have restricted our region in Oregon to 60 miles radius of Vancouver Washington. This way we can still continue to conduct home visits and will be able to deliver adopted parrots, their cage, and their supplies if needed.

*We Will Not Ship Any Parrot!

 *We do Not Sell Birds!

*All Applicants must meet a parrot before adopting, and we must feel confident that the parrot likes the applicant before we approve of ANY adoption.

*All applicants must qualify to adopt any parrot.

*(Homeowners preferred but not mandatory)

*All Adopters must be the minimum age of 26 & the head of the household to adopt from us.*

(No Exceptions)

Please understand that NWPR will not place any parrot in a home with any Husky Dogs, Dachshund or Terrier mix dog without Pre-approval of the dogs in question.

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