Adoption Policy & Adoption Requirements to Adopt


Adoption Policy & Adoption Requirements to Adopt

To adopt from us you Must Read;

And comply with our Restructured Adoption Policies


                                                    ⏬👇READ BEFORE CONTACTING 👇⏬

Requirements to Adopt

* Please understand that we conduct meet and greet by appointment only


Masks are required

*No exceptions

Before meeting any available parrot, you must meet the following qualifications listed below;

  • You must have a minimum of 1 years’ parrot handling experience to adopt from us, the adopter must be between the age of 27 and 65 years of age No exceptions
  • Most important; you must agree that the parrot must like you first. No exceptions
  • **You Must select a parrot to adopt. We will not try to sell you a parrot. The parrot chooses its next companion.*Please review the parrots post describing which gender they prefer.
  • Secondly we must feel confident, that you can handle and care for any parrot prior to final adoption.
  • Please understand that we conduct meet and greet by appointment only and masks are required. No exceptions

Please understand that you must agree to the following requirements below before applying to adopt.

    • You must have at least 1 years of experience with parrots before applying to adopt any parrot. No exceptions
    • Upon an approved application; all applicants must wear a mask to all meetings.
    • You must be the head of your household to adopt from us. No exceptions
    • We will not allow any 2nd party adoptions. The Applicant adopter must apply to adopt themselves. (No gifting of parrots).
    • We no longer will allow adoptions to a home that houses any Dachshund or any Terrier mix dog. Unless that dog is currently housed with parrots. *This is a case by case requirement. In most cases, we must meet the dog in question before any placement.
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