Dos and Don’ts of Parrot Ownership

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t play non trust games with your parrot as in putting your finger out to step up, and letting your parrot fall, possibly causing injury.
  2. Don’t parade your parrot around the neighborhood, showing him or her off. Your inviting predators from the sky, promoting escape from your possession, and moreover, you’re unknowingly advertising your parrot to thieves. Some thieves think if you can afford an expensive parrot, you may have other things at home to seal.
  3. Don’t let any cat or any other animal play with your bird, one cat scratch or saliva can kill any parrot.
  4. Don’t Point your finger yelling at your bird.(Parrots are hyper sensitive)
  5. Don’t poke your bird with a stick.
  6. Don’t use a spray bottle and squirt a bird as a disciplinarian action.
  7. Don’t have bodies of water around your bird unsupervised. Full sinks, buckets of water, or open toilets.
  8. Don’t use any spray aerosols around parrots especially bug spray.
  9. Don’t use profanity with your bird, they may embarrass you later in life, or its next owner may find the parrot undesirable or an embarrassment to own.
  10. Don’t start off giving your bird too much quality time. It will expect that amount of attention for life. So if and when your life schedule changes, the parrot won’t understand the change. And will most likely you will be causing irreversible behavioral damage. Causing your parrot to get bored and cause self-mutilation problems.
  11. Don’t leave your parrot unsupervised. They are like curious toddlers and may & will get into trouble chewing furniture and power cords.
  12. Don’t give dangerous toys to your bird, (Dirty items etc.) no old shoes either. You will be communication that all shoes are toys.
  13. Don’t allow teenagers be alone with your bird. Supervise all teenagers and their friends. Don’t allow them to poke or prod you bird with any object or feed it forbidden treats.
  14. Don’t allow anyone to smoke anything around your parrot, at any time.
  15. Don’t give alcohol to your parrot.
  16. Don’t use plug in air fresheners in the house anywhere.
  17. Don’t use self-cleaning ovens or oven cleaner spray with your parrot in the house.
  18. Don’t use Teflon or non-stick pans in the house. All of the fumes above are known to kill all parrots.
  19. Don’t give your parrot any risk foods that could harm or possibly kill them!

Please view our links to dangerous plants and foods. As well as safe branches and toy list.
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Dangerous foods

The Dos

  • Please do, allow your Godparent or babysitter to visit your parrot on a regulated bases. At least every two months with a 10 minute visit, communication with your parrot. You must had your parrot to them each time, so the bird knows that you trust them.
  • Please do, give your parrot a regular regiment of attention daily. Recommended 20 minute intervals, three times a day if possible.
  • Please do, acknowledge your bird when you arrive home. Don’t immediately go to their cage and let them out. Just acknowledge and then ignore them for the first 5 minutes of your arrival. (In case of you needing to leave quickly one day, it won’t cause confusion, and possibly promote future behavioral problems.
  • Please do preen your parrot on a weekly basis. This is your weekly 15 minutes of quality time.
  • Please do bath your bird at least once a week. Try using a warm hair dryer at a (36” feet) distance with a soft towel to help dry the off quicker. Keep the house warm before and after this bathing routine.

Be Advised of Dangerous High Stress Days for Parrots

When Why Remedy
The week of July 4th Fireworks Play loud music
The week if New Year’s Fireworks Play loud music
The week of Christmas High traffic times Give extra attention to your parrot
The week of Thanksgiving High traffic times Give extra attention to your parrot
Large parties like Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays, Special Events High traffic times Give extra attention to your parrot

This is a good time to have your Godparent get involved with comforting your parrot

It’s recommended that you have a safe room with a radio or TV so your parrot will be entertained during your event. (Non-violent programs to watch, we recommend soft cartoons- (*non-violent)

Please visit your bird at the very least every hour, and spend at least 5 minutes of time with them before your return to your event. Remember, there a curious scared 3 year old, wondering what’s going on in their home. Please don’t abandon them.

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