Veterans Adoption Policies & Requirements

A. To adopt a parrot from our program, the veteran adopter must currently must retired or currently in an inactive status with their DD214 or military ID.

B. You must be a minimum age of 30

C. YOU MUST ME THE HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD NOT A ROOMMATE. A minimum of 2 years at current residence is required. years of age to qualify to adopt any parrot from us, and we prefer to place or parrots with those who are under the age of 60.

D. We will not allow any 2nd party adoptions. *(No gifting of adopted parrots)*Please be aware that there are reasonable adoption fees for each parrot that will include their cage.

E. We will not place any parrot for breeding purposes.

F. We prefer not to place our parrots in homes with children, unless if you currently have parrots for over the past 3 years. We Must meet the children and approve before placement.

G. Currently, we prefer that our adopters reside within a 150-mile radius of Vancouver, Washington or Portland, Oregon to adopt from us. * Some exceptions to this requirement. We may place some parrots outside of this region for certain adopter, based on experience, and willingness to drive to us for a meet and greet.

H. Home visits are required for all adoptions, so delivery is available to most areas. Understanding that home visits are required, we are also able to deliver parrots with large cages to most areas within 150 miles of Portland. Oregon. *If you live outside this region, an additional transportation May fee will be required. ($1.00 Dollar per mile currently) *If we are available at the time of inquiry.

I. Please be aware: If you currently own a Dachshund dog or any Terrier mix dog, that is currently parrot friendly, we must meet your dog prior to any placement. If you currently own one of these breeds of dogs that have been housed with a parrot we need to meet the dog and your parrot before we will place one of our parrots with you.

*If you meet the above qualifications then submit in your adoption application only if you’re ready to adopt within 72 hours.

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