Jan 5th 2017, Parrots for Patriots Pairs Rescued Parrots with Veterans in Need

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Originally posted on The Week by Catherine Garcia Since launching Parrots for Patriots in 2015, Chris Driggins has paired 90 abandoned birds with veterans in the Northwest looking for emotional support animals. Driggins, who also runs Northwest Bird Rescue in Vancouver, Washington, told Today that after leaving the service, many veterans, especially those with [...]

Jan 11th 2017, Birds for Veterans

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The Parrots for Patriots Initiative Originally posted on Little Peckers Blog Parrots for Patriots In an innovative project, rescue birds are helping military veterans to cope with their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and their struggle to adapt to life outside of the armed forces. A New Normal Many retired veterans find civilian life extremely [...]

Jan 6th 2017, Parrots for Patriots Connects Vets with Therapy Birds

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January 6, 2017 originally posted on AFBA     Former service members suffering from the physical and psychological effects of warfare have long looked to service animals for comfort and support. While most veterans work with trained mammals such as dogs, others bond with less common creatures, according to Today. Christopher Driggins, founder of the Vancouver, [...]

Jan 26th 2017, Emotional Therapy Birds

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Parrots for Patriots’ pairs abandoned birds with veterans in need of emotional therapy Originally posted on NTD Birds are cute, funny and can be great pets and friends. A program in the northwest has come up with a novel idea of using rescued birds to heal veterans, an idea that’s only growing wings. For [...]

Aug 30th 2017, Free As A Bird

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Article published on August 30th 2017 After a three-year stint in the Army as an ammunition specialist during the late 1970s, Christopher Driggins, now 57, found himself still fighting, long after his military career ended. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) had taken hold of his life and he withdrew socially. His salvation came in a [...]

Dec 17th 2018 Birds are helping Veterans Battle PTSD

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Originally posted on Wide Open Pets by Amber King Affecting approximately 20% of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom veterans, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a growing epidemic. Soldiers, airmen, marines, and seamen leave the service only to face an enemy they didn’t see coming. PTSD interferes with everyday life causing depression, anxiety, [...]

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