June 1, 2005 The Reflector

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Marcus Brotherton staff reporter The birds keep coming. Christopher "The Birdman" Driggins keeps answering the call to rescue, heal and care for feathery creatures. Driggins is founder and manager of Northwest Bird Rescue and Adoption Orphan­ age. The Reflector last wrote about Driggins in September 2002 when he housed 18 birds at his home [...]

A Feather In His Cap

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Originally published in The Columbian Newspaper Oct 26th 2012 by Tom Vogt People who lose (or find) birds can contact the regional rescue network at its website or call 360-247-3626 (360-BIRDMAN). Sometimes birds of a feather flock together. Sometimes they’re linked by a series of misadventures that include two wayward [...]

Jan 9th 2019, Oregonian Article

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Pet Talk: Parrots for Patriots pairs homeless birds with struggling veterans Originally posted on Oregon Live by Monique Balas Snow, a 20-year-old umbrella cockatoo, is helping Rebecca Shilling, a veteran and cancer survivor, to recover from her recent surgery. Shilling, a former senior master sergeant who served with the U.S. Air Force [...]

Aug 7th 2015, Parrots for Patriots

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Originally posted on Columbia county Spotlight by Courtney Vaughn Scappoose resident Bart Miller chuckled over the phone, realizing the warbling in the background was an avian echo of his own laughter. Miller is the new recipient of Pete, a 22-year-old Amazon blue-fronted parrot, thanks to a new program started by Northwest Bird Rescue founder [...]

Jan 2nd 2017, How Rescued Birds are Helping Veterans Heal

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Decades after leaving the Marines, Douglas Ladd of Portland, Oregon, struggled with anger and other emotional issues. Now he’s found something to help: a bare-eyed cockatoo named Cleopatra. “You can’t get mad at her because she’s a bird,” Ladd, 62, told TODAY. “People you can get mad at, because they’re supposed to know better.” [...]

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