Simple Veggie Pasta Omelet Recipe


Eggs are a high cholesterol food for Parrots. They should only eat eggs once every 21 days. African Grey parrots should never eat eggs. Dairy is not digestible by Parrots. We occasionally sprinkle a little cheese on top and feed to our new rescues that are not used to eating cooked food. You can leave the cheese out on all these recipes. 1 serving = 1 Parrot


  • Gluten-free pasta rotini
  • Free range eggs
  • Frozen veggies
  • Frozen corn
  • Peanut oil or virgin olive oil
  • Pomegranate seeds if available
  • Honeycrisp apples
Finished Meal Simple Veggie Pasta Omelet

Preparation Instructions

  • Use one tablespoon of virgin olive oil per serving and three tablespoons of water per serving.
  • Heat up your oil and water on medium heat and a stainless steel frying pan
  • Lightly scramble your eggs and set aside
  • Take your cooked corn strained and put into the water and oil and let simmer
  • Then take your pre-cooked rinsed and strained noodles and add into the corn oil hot water
  • Once it is simmering add in two tablespoons of cooked and pre-strained mixed veggies
  • Stir up the noodles and veggies and cover on medium-high heat for 1 minute
  • Add your lightly scrambled eggs into the pan and cover Japan with a glass lid if possible to view
  • But cook for 1 minute to the egg start to rise and stir
  • Cover the eggs again and turn the heat to low and flip the eggs over and recover and turn heat down to low and let it finish cooking thoroughly
  • Uncover and add water on low heat and wait one minute to the dish is completely cooked
  • After 1 minute turn off the heat and set the pan aside for 1 minute so it completely cooks the eggs
  • While the eggs are cooling dice up one tablespoon of honey crisp apples and quarter inch slices make sure you core out the toxic seeds
  • Take your pomegranates and separate the seeds from the fruit and rinse
  • Serve one tablespoon of the cook eggs for serving
  • And serve up two tablespoons of the cooked veggies on the other side of the dish
  • Then add in four or five slices of apples on the side of the serving dish
  • Garnish the dish with a few of the pomegranate seeds or any other seasonal fruit and serve