Spicy Lima Bean Pasta Omelet with Veggies Recipe


Eggs are a high cholesterol food for Parrots. They should only eat eggs once every 21 days. African Grey parrots should never eat eggs. Dairy is not digestible by Parrots. We occasionally sprinkle a little cheese on top and feed to our new rescues that are not used to eating cooked food. You can leave the cheese out on all these recipes. 1 serving = 1 Parrot


  • Eggs
  • Frozen corn
  • Lima beans
  • Frozen veggies
  • Apple (Organic if possible)
  • Crushed peppers
  • Any recent leftovers – cooked pasta or any other leftovers.
Finished Meal Spicy Lima Bean Pasta Omelet with Veggies


  • In a large stainless steel frying pan (non-Teflon), on medium heat, heat one tablespoon of peanut oil, or olive oil per serving, (per egg). Add 1 Tbsp. of cooked strained corn to the pan per serving
  • Then add 1/8th cup of water, per 1 Tbsp. of frozen corn. Put corn into the frying pan, and heat it up on medium heat.
  • In a second stainless steel pot, heat up the lima beans (about 4 beans per serving) and 3 to 4 dried crushed peppers per serving. Lightly sprinkle cayenne peppers on top of the lima beans and turn heat off
  • In a second pot of boiling water, and add 2 Tbsp. of frozen mixed veggies to the boiling water, and turn off heat.
  • In the frying pan, when the corn starts to simmer, add leftover pasta (cooked and re-strained). Then stir on medium-high heat
  • Add strained mixed veggies and stir
  • Slowly pour in your lightly scrambled eggs into the frying pan. (Don’t over scramble the eggs) Cover with a glass lid if possible, and/or wait 1 minute while cooking
  • Turn the heat down to medium-low. Stir up the eggs, and cover again on medium heat for 1 minute.
  • Lift the lid and add water. Stir, and turn the heat off. Cover for one more minute, or until it finishes cooking.


  • Make sure the eggs are cooked thoroughly before serving. If you have female parrots, add a couple of sprinkles of sharp or cheddar cheese to melt.
  • Female parrots need the extra calcium.
  • Serve the omelet on one side of the serving dish, and on the other side add a generous Tbsp. and a half of your mixed veggies. Finally, add diced apples for a garnish and serve.