Coconut Shell and Bell Toys

Equipment: Coconut shell, keys or bell, white cotton rope or white cotton shoelaces without the tips.

To crack open the coconut follow the directions that may come with it. Some grocery stores will crack them open for you at no charge. Or you can buy coconuts that have already been halved. For an added treat, give your bird the shell with the meat still in the shell. But, do not leave the coconut in the cage for more than 12 hours because the meat will start to spoil. Remove any remaining meat from the shell after that period. Then clean and rinse it out thoroughly and it will continue to make a good toy.

Purchase a bell that is safe for birds. It should not be made out of lead or zinc. If you are in doubt, purchase a bell that is made specifically for birds. Make sure the bell is sturdy enough for big birds. Remove the clapper if there is any chance the bird could separate it and possible ingest it.

Another option is to substitute well cleaned keys for the bell. There are even some safe colored keys available. For smaller birds use hard plastic keys found in toy stores. You will also need some cotton rope or shoelaces, with the ends removed, so the bird does not break them off and eat them. These should be white, to avoid any possible toxic dye.

Punch or drill a hole into the top of the coconut shell. Securely tie the bell or the keys to one end of the shoelace or rope. Thread the other end of the shoelace or rope through the hole you made. Hang up the toy in the bird’s cage.

Charlie, an Amazon, loves this toy so much that he will not go to sleep at night unless he pulls it over to his swing with him.

Paper Roll Toy

Equipment: Empty paper towel roll (not a toilet paper roll as the glue used in toilet paper rolls may be toxic.)

This is the simplest toy yet! Giving your bird a discarded paper towel roll will give hours of enjoyment. Some brands use a glue to hold the paper onto the roll. Avoid these and toilet paper rolls not only because of the glue, but because of where it was. There might be too many germs on the roll for the bird. You can cut the paper towel roll in smaller sections for smaller birds.

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